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Your Breckenridge condo is minutes from world-class skiing, snow-mobiling and many other winter excursions.
Extravagant shopping and fine dining are just a few minutes down the road.
One bedroom (2 queen size beds) + 1 large bathroom + your own fully equipped kitchen with granite countertops.
A fantastic winter getaway for you and your entire family.
Your Breckenridge condo nestled in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.
This will truly be an experience you will never forget .
Business Travel

Business Traveler and Business Vacationer

Breckenridge has become one of the hottest winter and summer vacation destinations in the United States. Thanks to growing technology services, everyone now has the chance to experience this amazing vacation destination.

Many business men (and women), lack the ability to be completely separated from their work for more than a day or two. YourSkiVacation, as well as other accommodation providers, now offer business vacationers a chance to get away from work, without being completely cut-off from work. At YourSkiVacation’s luxurious Breckenridge condo, you will have access to hi-speed internet, while only being minutes away from world-class ski slopes.

Along with condos offering this service, there are also many hi-speed internet access hotels in Breckenridge. Because the number of vacationing business men is growing, hotels and condos all need to offer this service, otherwise they will be losing a large market that is in growing demand.

Business Travelers

An important group to also look at is business travelers in general. These people require hi-speed internet access while on their business trips. If time permits, these travelers would also like to have a good time, which makes it important for hotels and condos to have the ability of being a fun vacation destination and a location that caters to business needs. If either of these two points are ignored, hotels and condos can expect to lose the entire market share of business travelers and business vacationers.

Business Travel Statistics

Let's take a look at some important business travel facts. These statistics can be found at They are taken from a study done by the Travel Industry Association of America.

  • Business travelers going outside the U.S. is only 3%
  • The average business trip lasts just over 3 nights
  • 20% reported combining work and vacation on their last trip
  • The average business traveler is 42 years old
  • 60% of business travelers are men
  • The average business traveler takes just over 5 trips per year
  • $76,000 is the average salary of a business traveler
  • The 1990's featured 200,000,000 business trips per year

The amount of travel done by business people is just too much to ignore. Hotels and condos alike need to make sure they are doing everything in their power to cater to this multitude of working travelers.

If you are a business traveler or business vacationer, please visit our View Availability page to book you’re luxurious Breckenridge condo which offers hi-speed internet access.

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