Peak 9 Breckenridge

Peak nine features E chair which has some of the steepest terrain, massive moguls and trees in Summit county, CO. The Devil's Crotch ski run (what a great name) is the steepest and purest mogul run I have ever seen. The huge moguls and steep drops make it a pure adrenaline rush and a real leg burner.

The tree skiing under E chair is very nice, steep and spaced out. The trees under E chair offer beautiful lines, but you'll have to scout each line out carefully. If you really enjoy trees, you must hike up to the Windows ski run . Once you get off E Chair, just hike up and you'll see the way to Windows.

This is usually the locals secret powder stash, but I am inclined to share it with you. I know you'll love the beautiful trees and chutes which lead you right back to the bottom of E chair. Windows is my personal favorite and I am sure it will be yours too.

If you continue the Windows hike up another quarter mile it will take you to a great powder bowl with waste deep powder after a snow storm. This run is simply amazing. Beware of the snow covered stream at the bottom. If your not careful you could possibly get wet. So always stay skiers right at the end of run to stay away from the dreaded stream.

Toms baby is another run I recommend. It's extremely steep and bumpy. It runs right under E chair with a series of drops and landings . The hits here are steep so watch your speed. E chair services some of the most extreme terrain. All runs are of the double black diamond variety so always use caution while riding aggressive terrain.

If you are a beginner skier, peak nine is the place to ski with plenty of blue and green runs which will keep you skiing all day long without having to leave peak nine. Peak nine has 14 blue runs so if you're an intermediate skier enjoy all of the moderate groomers. The blue runs are the perfect trails if you are interested in learning how to ski or snowboard. So whatever your ski level is, peak nine will satisfy.

So if you ever ride Breckenridge be sure to check out peak nine it will please you no matter what ski level you are.

Jason Palat

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