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Your Breckenridge condo is minutes from world-class skiing, snow-mobiling and many other winter excursions.
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A fantastic winter getaway for you and your entire family.
Your Breckenridge condo nestled in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.
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Ski History
Ski History

The history of modern skiing seems to have began in the 1800s. A Norwegian man named Sondre Norheim is credited as the founder of skiing as we know it today. Since then, skiing has truly evolved into an activity enjoyed by people all around the world. According to Wikipedia, skiing was originally created in a cross-country style technique. With this style of skiing, a skiers feet are not completely secured onto the ski. The heel is actually free and able to move up-and-down. Once the binding that completely locks in the skier’s feet was created, the door was opened for skiing to truly flourish. With the invention of the binding, the creation of multiple types of skiing was possible.

Today, the types of skiing are: downhill, cross-country, backcountry, extreme, speed, and freestyle. There are many more types of skiing, but these are seen as some o the most popular throughout the United States and the rest of the world. Each type of skiing has a special attribute about it, making it liked by some skiers and not liked by others. Since skiing was able to evolve into such a dynamic activity, it is now done as a sport and as a recreational activity. Skiers compete in events such as: downhill, slalom, jumping (freestyle), cross-country and more. The broadness of skiing is what has made this sport (activity) so popular. Skiing has been able to attract a mass amount of people because of the diversity within the sport. It is not an activity that you need other people to be involved, but still gives skiers the choice of riding together if they choose. Of course, there are more skiers today than there ever has been before. Sophia Banay, a writer for Forbes Magazine reports that last year alone, Americans spent about $10 billion on ski vacations. Every year Forbes Magazine comes out with the top ski resorts in the nation. This year, according to Forbes, the top 6 resorts in the nation are: Amangani in Wyoming, Green Mountain Inn in Vermont, Lake Placid Lodge in New York, The Little Nell in Colorado, Park Hyatt Resort and Spa in Colorado, and Ritz-Carlton Bachelor Gulch in Colorado. Three out of the top six ski resorts in the nation can be found in Colorado. When skiing truly took off in popularity in the late 80s to early 90s, major resorts were being built in all ski cities around the United States.

Skiing is a sport tht has a certain season. The average season for skiing would begin in November or December and end in March or April, making the average season about 4 to 5 months long. Timberline Lodge, a ski resort on Mt. Hood in Oregon, has the longest ski season in the nation. Timberline’s season begins in November and does not end until September. Many pros gravitate to this North West mountain in the summertime because it is the only one open. Skiing will continue to grow as an activity and as a sport, the future is very bright and the growth seems as if there is almost no end.

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